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Our back garden a few years ago.  Click on image to see set of photos covering 2000 to 2007 
These views are not yo to date, as we had a large room built into the garden
as far up as the small bush.  The room was to accommodate a Grand Piano.
Details of the Piano Room build can be seen in pictures at my Google Picasa online Album

My Picasa online Album

My wife and I, live in the South West of England in the county of Devon.
For the Last 35 years we have lived and worked here.
I took early retirement in 2001 from my job as self-employed
Piano Tuner/Technician due to the inconvenient onset of
deafness.  During the years 1977 to 1980
I worked as Tuner Technician for The Dartington Trust.
Latest news is that in July 2014 I had a very serious accident when I was struck on my new
motorcycle by a man in his 80s who blacked-out at the wheel of his car and
swerved across the road coming the other way.  For me to avoid a head-on smash
I had to swerve away and his car struck my right leg and threw me and the little 250cc
bike airborne.  I landed 30 feet away and my right leg was shattered beyond repair.
My pelvis was broken in two places - also my right hand was damaged quite badly.
Devon Air Ambulance flew me in less than 30 minutes to Derriford Plymouth where a team
 of surgeons saved my life as did the superb Air Ambulance.
 I lost my right leg above the knee and had to have half
of the middle finger of my right hand amputated too.   4 weeks in Intensive Care and 12
weeks in hospital I finally got home by Christmas 2014.

I am now recovering or trying to and having training to learn to walk again on a prosthetic
leg and it's a long long haul.  I can now walk short distances (50 yards) on the new leg and using two
walking sticks.  This update of my site info is dated 3rd June 2016


Is listed as an AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty).
These days my wife and I enjoy taking Josh for walks in the woods
and on the beaches. We're very lucky to live here. It was a good
choice after living in greater London for many years.

The region affords me a good opportunity to do some
photography taking advantage of the beauty around us.
Here is a photo of the bluebells just out (Spring 2002)

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The photo was taken in woods owned and maintained
by the Whitley Wildlife Trust, which is centred
at Paignton Zoo.

The local coast around here is just as stunning.
Take a look at these next few photos taken with
my digital camera locally.

   Preston Sands looking towards Brixham
Yes it's red clay soil -
It really is as red as that!
Even the beach sand is red.


    Dartmouth Harbour in December 

         Staverton Weir near Dartington

  Sunset over Dartmoor

Recently I returned to visit the North London town of Watford where I spent
my youth.  I photographed some ten views of the town from various angles which
I also had old photographs to make comparisons with.  The results are on another page
which you can link to from here....... Watford Photography Old and New

I play a Jazz and Classical Piano for leisure and I recently had an article published on the Bill Evans
Web Pages early in 2002. A copy of the article which explores the work of the late great Jazz Pianist Bill Evans
The article is available here if you Click this link.
Music Off the Top of His Head

In 2003 I completed a project to rebuild
a "Douglas" Motorcycle circa 1950,
that my brother and I had jointly
owned since 1963 but which had languished
in pieces, in a damp garden shed for
33 years. To see photos of the
project please click on this link 


Thank you for visiting my home page.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Laurie Prior.
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